Thirrje per fonde per dokumetimin e praktikave te mira te arsimimit te vajzave dhe barazise gjinore

The United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) has just launched a new Fund for Documentation of Good Practice in Girls’ Education and Gender (UNGEI Good Practice Fund). It is one of UNGEI’s priorities to identify evidence-based solutions and share good practice on girls’ education and gender equality.

The UNGEI Good Practice Fund will document interventions that have increased educational options and opportunities for girls such as projects and programs which:
Increase girls’ access to educational opportunities
Showcase examples of gender responsive teaching and learning approaches
Improve gender relations in schools and education systems,
Enhance girls’ learning and achievement, including non-cognitive measures relating to self-esteem and leadership

The purpose of the Fund is to:
Provide an opportunity for good practices to be systematically documented and shared within and between countries and regions, especially those which are “lesser known” among development practitioners;
Demonstrate the diverse ways that organizations/actors are addressing girls’ education and gender equality; and
Enhance our understanding of what works, and encourage adaptation of good practices across countries and organizations.
Eligibility Criteria:
Organizations (not individuals), including education ministries at the national and sub-national level, schools, and national civil society organizations implementing programmes are eligible to apply as main applicants for the Fund.
Organizations that are eligible to apply may use the funds to identify individual consultants to develop the case study on the good practice.
Research Institutes and universities, national and international, are also eligible to apply, provided there is an understanding with the implementing organization on the documentation
Submission deadline:

The deadline to submit proposals is November 30, 2013.

Please review the criteria and guidelines before submitting. Proposals should be sent to the UNGEI Secretariat at: using this application form. For questions, please contact the focal point at the UNGEI Secretariat: Aarti Saihjee, who can be reached at

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